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With the increase in cyber crime, businesses across a variety of industries are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Cyber attacks can be very harmful to your company – from impacting your bottom line to damaging to your brand and reputation.

You can’t protect yourself 100%, but implementing a robust cyber risk management plan can help prevention, detection and response. When you couple this with a specialist cyber insurance policy, such as Cyber+Insure, you will be well equipped to manage your cyber risks and the potential fallout from an attack.

Cyber Risk Management from Cyber+Insure

As well as offering a unique cyber insurance solution, Cyber+Insure pride ourselves on helping and supporting you to build a health and safety policy around your IT infrastructure to help you reduce the likelihood of a cyber related incident. We have joined forces with a leading cyber risk management company, Risk Factory, to offer you a comprehensive cyber security model that is individually designed to meet your business needs.

You can choose from a suite of products and services such as:

Security vulnerability scanning

Website security vulnerability scanning

Security penetration testing

Information security consulting

GDPR security awareness training

PCI security awareness training

IS)-27001 compliance gap analysis

These products and services are there to support and help to identify and minimise your cyber risks. More detail can be found in our brochure.

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