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As one of the UK’s leading authorities in cyber insurance solutions, we can give your clients specialist guidance, risk management advice and appropriate insurance cover to help make sure that their businesses are protected against cyber threats and the damage they can inflict.

Cyber+Insure has been at the forefront of providing cyber insurance solutions for more than 10 years. Using our experience and expertise, we have developed a unique cyber insurance and risk management solution, Cyber+Insure. Our specialist cover has been specifically designed to follow the confidentiality, integrity, availability model, also known as the CIA triad which is a model designed to guide policies for Information Security within an organisations risk management framework used by many organisations to internally document their cyber exposures. This means you can easily overlay and compare the cover offered with their documented risks, helping to make cyber cover simple to understand.

Why you should be covered by Cyber+Insure

As one of the UK’s leading authorities in cyber insurance solutions, we can give you the guidance, risk management advice and insurance solutions to help ensure your business is safeguarded against cyber threats and the damage they can inflict.

Benefits that we can offer your clients include:

  • Cover which is simple to understand
  • Expert advice 24/7 to help your organisation deal with the impact of a cyber incident or data breach
  • Comprehensive 1 st & 3 rd Party covers with additional covers to suit your business activities
  • Reassurance & Affordability
  • Various indemnity limits to suit
  • Renewal Rewards

Cover Options

To ensure you have the right level of insurance needed, we offer multiple levels of cover as well as optional covers to provide additional protection.

Standard Covers

  • 1st party – cover for the impact to you as a result of a cyber incident such as, IT forensics (to determine the point of access and impact analysis) business interruption, systems damage, restoration, notification costs…
  • 3rd party – cover for the impact of a cyber incident on third parties e.g. loss of confidential data or the passing on of a virus, Legal Representation

Optional Cover

  • Crime: direct financial loss resulting from the fraudulent input of instructions to transfer funds or property.
  • Payment Card Industry: fines and assessed amounts under a Merchant Services Agreement arising from a payment card breach
  • Personal Information Violation: legal liability claims resulting from personal data collection, use, modification and destruction practices in violation of law or regulation
  • Telephone Hacking: liability for charges incurred as a result of the unauthorised criminal use of your telecommunications systems.

What is Risk Management from Cyber+Insure?

At Cyber+Insure, we believe that prevention is better than cure – and we’re sure you will agree. That’s where our Risk Management service comes in. We have teamed up with leading risk management specialists to give every policy holder access to free help, support and advice together with many value added services including:

  • Carry out vulnerability or penetration testing across your client’s IT systems to identify areas where security could be improved.
  • Review your client’s existing cyber security policies and procedures to identify gaps and weaknesses to address.
  • Offer general help, support and advice to create a new health and safety policy around your IT infrastructure.

About Our Support

As specialists in cyber insurance, our expertise and knowledge allow us to offer the best advice to help you quickly take the right steps in the unfortunate event of a cyber incident. This service includes:

  • Access to your own dedicated account manager, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Access to IT, legal, forensic and media & stakeholder relations support in the event of a breach.

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