We have designed a quick and simple quote & buy product to make buying cyber insurance an easy process. With only 5 security risk questions together with an explanation of all technical questions the journey to providing you with the ultimate protection has never been so effortless!

We didn’t want to stop there so we have created a Risk Management portal to assist you with all the necessary tools to help you protect your most important business asset – Information Technology.

Why your clients should be covered by Cyber+Insure

As one of the UK’s leading authorities in cyber insurance solutions, we can give you and your clients the guidance, risk management advice and insurance solutions to help make sure your client’s business is protected against cyber threats and the damage they can inflict. Benefits that we can offer your clients include:

  • We offer a unique cyber insurance and risk management solution
  • Easily overlay and compare our cover with your documented risks, helping to make cyber cover simple to understand
  • Expert advice 24/7 to help your organisation deal with the impact of a cyber crime or data breach
  • Policies available that cover the costs of dealing with a data breach
  • Policies available that cover the costs of third-party lawsuits and other cyber liability claims

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